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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey Friends...learned to make yoyos since I was off line!!  Daughter Allison here and has me back online!  Class resumed April 2 at ELM, First Methodist, Marietta, GA.  Taking 'Decluttering.'  That should help me a lot!  Also, a gardening class and choice books to read with info about each.  Looking forward to that.  Have been celebrating Nick's birthday with all family and friends here for the weekend.  Think I'll post that, too!  Cheers!

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  1. Hi, Mary Ann. I was telling Allison that there is a large tatting event in the southeast every year and she thought you might be interested. Palmetto Tatting Guild's Tat Days 2013 will be in Taccoa, Georgia in September. Their website is I seriously doubt I'll make it, but if you can do so, you would have a wonderful time and get to meet some fabulous people from all over.