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Monday, December 26, 2011

This is part of a program I give to Session group at my church, the faculty at my school and different PEO chapters.   Each tater represents, for the most part, someone we don't want to be!
Mrs. Dick Tater...She the one who gives know the type.  Next, Mrs. Emmy Tater, sister in law of Mrs. Dick Tate because she imitates others.3.  Mrs. Spec Tater.  She's the observer, doesn't take responsibility if you just remain a spectator.  4.  Sister Aggie Tater.  She's happiest when she's stirring up trouble. 5. Little Po Tater.  She thinks she's mistreated, misjudged, misquoted, misinformed and disliked by everyone! 6.  Miss Common Tater.  She the gal that never contributes anything to her family, her church, her club or community.  She just makes comments about all of it!  7. Now I want to introduce you to another kind of tater..This is Miss Sweet Tater.  She is always a joy to be around, loving, kind and in her quiet way is always doing something for those in need.

Hopefully, we will have a better insight to what kind of member, human being we are in a humorous way, and try to improve.  (There is a lot more to this program in each Tater Group but didn't want to 'blog anybody down!)  Will be glad to share the whole thing, if asked.

Happy, Healthy 2012

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